fdt solutions brawoliner impregnation systems

BRAWO® Impregnation plant. Developed for delivering an even and consistent impregnation

A key factor in producing a high quality lining is the ability to evenly impregnate the liner with resin. BRAWOLINER® offers two high grade and especially functional professional devices.

BRAWO® Impregnation plant manuel The mobile and low-cost solution

The manual impregnation device is a low-cost solution not only an ‘entry-level solution’. Turning the hand crank a conveyor belt moves the liner through the impregnation rollers.

These are positioned at the pre-defined roller distances using a gauge. Even though the manual version is not as easy to operate as its electric equivalent, it still has its advantages. Due to it’s low-weight, the fold-away manual impregnation table can be easily transported and where required can be set-up right next to the work area either in a house, commercial building or industrial plant.


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  • Mobile impregnation system with foldable legs
  • Economical transport and easy to store
  • Manually driven by crank handle
  • Adjustable roller distance

BRAWO® Vacuum pump Reduces air inclusions

Advantages of the vacuum pump

A vacuum pump facilitates impregnation and significantly reduces the danger of air inclusions.

  • Powerful pump for rapid evacuation of air
  • 4 m vacuum hose with suction device
  • Available with wall mounting bracket or carrying handle
  • Available with various power levels

BRAWO® Electrical impregnation plant For an even and consistent impregnation

The electrical impregnation plant enables a protective and even impregnation of the liner, with the epoxy resin, without any over stretching of the lining material.

Due to its exact adjustable roller distance, indicated with a digital display, an even wall thickness of the liner can be controlled throughout its complete length. Furthermore it is possible to control the speed and direction of the rollers and the conveyor belt. This makes it easier to impregnate long lengths of liners.

The additional roller conveyor can be used to extend the length of the impregnation table. An even and consistent impregnation of the lining felt is a key factor in producing a high quality liner.

Advantages of the impregnation system electrical

  • Stepless regulation of the roller spacing with digital display
  • Electrical belt drive (forward and reverse)
  • Rollers driven synchronously
  • Roller speed stepless regulation
  • Pull-out roller belt for extending the working area