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BRAWOLINER ® renovation solution

With BRAWOLINER® renovation, a flexible textile hose is soaked with resin and then inserted into the defective pipe using air or water pressure. The pipe is completely lined and a new plastic pipe is created in the old pipe.

In-house renovation

The renovation of sewer pipes in buildings is subject to special requirements and strict construction rules. The BRAWOLINER ® HT renovation system meets all structural engineering requirements and also has the demanding DIBt approval for the renovation of sewer pipes within buildings.

Open the inlets

Following the renovation, the inlets can be opened within a very short time using special tools. The renovation project is now complete.

BRAWOLINER® is a division of the Karl Otto Braun GmbH & Co. KG (KOB).

The parent company KOB was founded in 1903. Today KOB is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of special elastic fabrics used for medical and technical purposes. The company has a workforce of about 650 employees and production facilities of over 90,000 square meters.

Inspired by a case of damage in their own production line, KOB developed the first flexible textile seamless liner that enables the rehabilitation of pipes with bends up to 90° and can change in 2 different dimensional changes by using a special liner.

FDT Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the Licensed Distributor of Brawoliner® for sub-saharan Africa. 

Specialising in small diameter pipes, BRAWOLINER® has become one of the leading system suppliers in the drain and sewer renovation industry. Beside the consumable liner and resin, the company also provides appropriate installation equipment and purpose-built, fully equipped vehicles and trailers.

Continuous research and innovation in the in-house research center enables us to consistently provide products that are used worldwide. A modern and vertically integrated production facility ensures complete control over all aspects of manufacturing. Well trained, efficient and qualified staff provides quality assurance of the highest standards.

Quality plays a significant role in the sewer rehabilitation. As the pipes in the ground are difficult to control, it is important to choose long-lasting and high-quality materials.

BRAWO® Magnavity LED head Mega – Smart and powerful

The BRAWO® Magnavity light-curing system developed by BRAWO® SYSTEMS now has two smart LED heads. In addition to the already familiar Nano LED head with 96 high-performance UV LEDs for use in pipe diameters from DN 70 to DN 250, there is now also the new, extremely powerful Mega LED head.

Thanks to its 192 high-power UV LEDs and the associated greater light output, up to approx. 70 % faster curing is possible compared to the Nano LED head. The Mega LED head is suitable for rehabilitating the dimension ranges DN 125 to DN 300. From a pipe diameter of DN 150 upwards, pipes with bends can also be rehabilitated economically and efficiently.

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. The high level of installation safety as well as the usual high quality of BRAWO® Tech, the brand for high-quality rehabilitation equipment, is guaranteed.

The combination of BRAWO® Magnavity and BRAWOLINER® is ideally suited to the difficult construction sites involving property drainage: the BRAWOLINER® can be used together with the light curing unit, and no additional liners have to be provided. This means that the outstanding properties of the BRAWOLINER®, such as its extreme bend flexibility, can also be utilised.


BRAWOLINER® stands for quality

Liner, resin und equipment for the highest demands. Quality plays a significant role in the sewer rehabilitation. As the pipes in the ground are difficult to control, it is important to choose long-lasting and high-quality materials.

BRAWOLINER® Safety and Quality Certification

DIBt and Thames Water approved. BRAWOLINER® is the first liner system received the DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of small dimension sewerage systems in 2004 to date. BRAWOLINER® is DIBt-approved for the renovation of underground pipes (permit number: Z-42.3-362) as well as for pipes laid inside buildings (permit number: DIBt Z-42.3-499).

BRAWOLINER® renovation products conform to various international standards (such as QUiK, kiwa and WRC CP308), while fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 11296-4:2011. Furthermore it passed the Thames Water Infiltration Test.

During the extensive functionality check BRAWOLINER® XT received the best results in all assessment criteria (effectiveness, density and load-carrying capacity of the structure).

BRAWOLINER® the XT liner also won the IKT product test in standard and in extreme situations.

NEW ADDITION TO THE BRAWOLINER® PORTFOLIO. BRAWOLINER® is the first 3D liner to receive the DIBt approval for curing with LED and UV light

UVRelining AND BRAWO® LumCure

Fast and cost-effective curing with light

BRAWO® Systems has successfully completed the test program specified by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and, with the BRAWOLINER®, has become the first 3D liner to receive the approval for rehabilitation with UV and LED lightin the nominal sizes DN 100 – 225.